Regardless of your reasons for making the decision to replace your existing windows, odds are, you will receive some additional benefits that possibly you had not thought of.  Some of the primary reasons for replacing old, outdated windows are:

  • Energy Efficiency – This is generally a very common reason for replacing old windows. With today’s technology, replacement windows will improve your efficiency and reduce energy bills.  We only use double pane windows with Low E glass coating and Argon gas between the two panes.
  • Noise Reduction – If you live near a busy highway or in a noisy neighborhood, you should definitely notice a reduction in noise pollution with double pane windows.
  • Comfort – Along with energy efficiency, our windows will increase your comfort level in your home, and even out the temperature from room to room.
  • Curb Appeal – There’s no doubt that new windows provide instant curb appeal for your home no matter the age of the home. There are also statistics to show that replacing windows provides one of the highest returns on your investment across all home improvement projects.

We only use name-brand windows on replacement window projects, with Simonton being our primary window.  One of the best window companies in the marketplace, Simonton offers high-quality vinyl windows that are sure to fit the project needs and budget of almost all homeowners, including meeting the stringent requirements dictated by the Texas Department of Insurance for windstorm compliance.  We believe installation is the most important aspect of any window project, so we only use installers who are fully trained and experienced in window installation in order to provide our clients with the best outcome for their project.

Simonton Windows Houston

Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our window professionals, who will help you navigate the process and help you select the perfect window for your project!